Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Good broth resurrects the dead" (South American Proverb)

There is something so special about making stock. Beef stock, fish stock, chicken stock. Today I made a pot of beef stock- it is simmering now on the stove. With winter coming soon, it feels like the perfect thing to do. Stock is amazing, and again, so cheap to make. I especially love having a reserve of mason jars filled with the gelatinous broth in the freezer, because it means we always have the key to a delicious and nutritious soup. Making stock satisfies a yearning deep inside of me to nourish my loved ones the best way I know how.  

After almost two years I finally made Leilani's Banana Bread (her original recipe has two secret ingredients: sour cream/ yoghurt and Apple Bananas). Of course mine turned out nothing like hers, but isn't that how it always goes when making someone else's classic recipe? 

One more thing: Our Figoa ("Pineapple Guava") tree is going off right now... I have to say thanks to Kanoa for the inspiration... Figoa flavored kombucha is sooo good!!