Friday, March 18, 2011

Bangers, Mash, and a Baby Leprechaun

Well, I guess St. Patty's Day is officially over... we just had leftover Bangers and Mash with eggs for breakfast; yum. I love March 17th every year because it is a joyful challenge for me to find something green in my wardrobe. Emilou didn't have a problem with that! She was a little leprechaun for the day. Our "Bangers" went POP! and BANG! on the grill last night; one of the first days of Daylight Savings, we pretended it was summer. But of course we drank a good dark beer! And we actually had a happy baby for at least half of dinner, yes.

March 17 Menu:
BBQed Bangers (pork sausage)
Mash (mashed potatoes with plenty of butter)
Sauted green cabbage
Grilled onions
Served with Murphy's stout
Too bad Emily doesn't eat solid foods yet...

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  1. yeah~ baby pictures and food more yeah~
    congrats !